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  • 8:41a

    Trump says he and Democrats both want infrastructure plan

  • 8:39a

    Trump says ‘we’ll see what happens’ when asked about replacing Sessions

  • 8:35a

    Trump says China has to ‘come to the table’ on trade

  • 8:33a

    Trump: the Fed is ‘getting a little too cute’

  • 8:33a

    Trump says he wants Fed not to be ‘so aggressive’

  • 8:31a

    Trump says Republicans ‘very energized’ for midterm elections

  • 8:30a

    Four-week jobless claims average rises 2,500 to 209,500

  • 8:30a

    Initial jobless claims climb 7,000 to 214,000 in early October

  • 8:30a

    Yearly increase in core CPI unchanged at 2.2%

  • 8:30a

    12-month increase in CPI slows to 2.3% from 2.7%

  • 8:30a

    Core CPI, minus food and energy, increases 0.1%

  • 8:30a

    U.S. consumer price index rises 0.1% in September

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